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Explore Shiraz Masterclass Sydney

Shiraz needs little introduction to Australian wine-lovers but it sure deserves a lot of exploration. Our upcoming masterclass is the perfect setting to expand your knowledge of Australia’s most planted grape variety. Join us in the Le Pont Milsons Point Tasting Room as we delve deep into the world of Shiraz, explore it’s many styles and perhaps find out why every other country in the world calls it Syrah!

We’ll be looking at versions of Shiraz from Australia, New Zealand, France, the Americas and more! Which will be your preferred Shiraz style? Big and powerful? Silky and smooth? Or do you like it spicy? Find your perfect Shiraz partner by securing your seat now.


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  • WHEN: 7.30 pm Wednesday 28th June,
  • WHERE: The Tasting Room - Le Pont Wine Store Milsons Point in Sydney
  • WHY: Explore the diverse world of Shiraz discovering its variations across regions and countries. Find your perfect match and expand your wine knowledge.
  • COST: The price includes a taste of 8 amazing wines with a selection of canapes