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Hourisen Kanjuku Umeshu Sake



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  • A sake-style liqueur made by steeping plums in alcohol and sugar
  • Incredible flavours of apricot balanced by a zingy acidity
  • Great on its own, over ice, or as a base to Umeshu cocktail

This Umeshu is produced by infusing very ripe (Kanjuku) Ume fruit into Shochu. The Shochu used by Houraisen is distilled at their brewery to ensure the highest quality. This Umeshu has a perfumed character on the nose with hints of rose petal, marzipan and apricot. It has a rich texture with cleansing acidity with great length. It is refreshing to have chilled Umeshu straight or over ice, or with cold spring water. Or you can create any kind of beautiful Umeshu cocktail.