Cheese & wine is back at Le Pont with the much-awaited return of our Cheese & Wine Pairing Event!

Following the resounding success of our previous masterclass, we’re thrilled to bring you the Italian Edition – an exploration of flavours that pays homage to Italy’s culinary passion.

Returning to the spotlight is the esteemed cheesemonger, Laura Lown from Cheese Culture. With her expert guidance, delve into the intricate tapestry of flavours and aromas woven by Italy’s most exceptional artisanal cheese producers.

Our very own Paul Green takes the reins with the wine selections, showcasing a medley of his favourite wines. Embark on a tour through Italy’s iconic wine regions, where we’ll unveil timeless classics including the opulent Barolo, the seductive Amarone, and the ethereal and lusciously sweet Vin Santo.

Learn the exquisite art of balance as we demonstrate the interplay of flavours, textures, and structures. This is your chance to not just taste, but to truly experience the magic that happens when wine and cheese unite.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or or a curious beginner, this masterclass promises valuable insights into the cherished traditions that have birthed these culinary treasures.


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  • WHEN: Wednesday, 6th September at 7.30pm
  • WHERE: Le Pont Wine Store South Melbourne
  • HOSTED BY: Laura Lown & Paul Green
  • COST: $95 per ticket for 6 wines & 6 cheeses