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Northern Rhone Masterclass MELBOURNE

“In the past 20 years I have spent visiting wineries and vignerons, I have never seen a producer so fanatical about quality as Marcel Guigal.” – ​​Robert Parker

Indulge in an unforgettable evening as we invite you to join us for a remarkable showcase of the unparalleled wines from Guigal, a true superstar producer of France and a revered name worldwide. We have 10 superb wines that unveil the captivating story of this esteemed winery, their unwavering commitment to traditional winemaking practices, and the remarkable terroir of the Northern Rhone region.

We are delighted to have Brett A. Crittenden, a distinguished Guigal ambassador and a renowned figure in the wine industry, as our host for the evening. With nearly four decades of experience as a wine judge and chairman at prestigious international wine shows and competitions, Brett’s expertise and passion will elevate your appreciation of these legendary expressions of Syrah & Viognier. Drawing from his extensive travels and connections throughout Europe, he will share invaluable insights that will deepen your understanding of Guigal’s exceptional wines.

So, prepare your palate for an exquisite tasting experience featuring ten different wines from six coveted appellations, including the renowned Côte-Rôtie, Hermitage, and the elegant & silky whites from Condrieu. We have a thoughtfully curated selection of French cheeses from Cheese Culture and charcuterie sourced from La Central, a beloved local favourite.

On arrival
Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc, 2020

Condrieu Bracket
Condrieu, 2019
Condrieu ‘La Doriane’, 2021

Hermitage Bracket
Saint Joseph Rouge, 2019
Crozes Hermitage, 2019
Hermitage, 2017

Côte-Rôtie Bracket
Côte-Rôtie ‘Brune et Blonde’, 2019
Côte-Rôtie ‘Brune et Blonde’, 2018
Côte-Rôtie ‘Brune et Blonde’, 2017
Côte-Rôtie ‘Château d’Ampuis’, 2018


In stock

  • Why: A spectacular evening of wines valued at $1,500
  • When: Wednesday, 31th May at 7.30pm
  • Where: Le Pont Wine Store South Melbourne
  • Hosted by: Brett A Crittenden
  • Cost: $129 per ticket for 10 wines, French cheese & charcuterie