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Piemonte Masterclass Terrigal

Our resident Italian, Stefano, has recently returned from six weeks in Italy so what better way to put his travels through the motherland to good use than with a masterclass featuring eight wines from Piemonte?!

As a Torino native, Piemonte’s vineyards are just a short drive south of where Stefano was born and raised. This is also where Stefano cut his teeth as an aspiring sommelier, enjoyed some of Italy’s most iconic wines, and began a lifelong love affair with wine.

Our masterclass will feature classic Piemonte regions such as the king of wines and wine of kings, Barolo, and varieties including Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo. Stefano will also showcase some of the region’s lesser-known (internationally, at least) appellations, and varieties including Arneis, Timorasso and Grignolino.

So join us on Wednesday 9 August to taste eight wines and take a journey through the rolling hills of Piemonte via our vinous lens.


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  • When: Wednesday 9 August, 7:30pm
  • Where: Le Pont Terrigal, 4b Campbell Crescent, Terrigal 2260
  • Host: Stefano Lo Buono, Piedmontese wine expert
  • Price: The price includes a taste of 8 wines + matching food