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Pour Le Vin Avoir La Pêche Chardonnay 2019



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  • Unoaked to let the fresh, vibrant fruit shine
  • Orange blossom, citrus and stone fruits
  • Learn a little French while you enjoy this beauty!

An energetic wine from the Vin de France region, showcasing the best of modern French winemaking. Vin de France is a region full of sunshine that is famous for producing quality wines in abundance. We’ve blended Chardonnay from Gascony for purity and freshness with Chardonnay from Pays d’Oc for varietal character and texture. By blending these two, we’ve taken the best from each region to create a harmonious unoaked Chardonnay. Avoir La Pêche means “To have a peach” or to be on top form. It is a blend of Gascony Chardonnay, for its purity of flavour, and Pays D’Oc Chardonnay, for its character and texture.