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Tonic Wines Chardonnay 2019



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  • Brand new release of this stunning small batch Chardonnay
  • Made in a oxidative style to create a Jura-esque expression
  • Beautifully unique and expressive

“Sourced from the Bowe Lees Vineyard, Woodside, Adelaide Hills. + 20yr old vines, I10V1 clone. A sad note is that this will be the last wine we see from this vineyard for some years. It was completely lost during the bush fires that hit the region in December 2019.
If you are new to Tonic’s Chardonnay you are in for a treat. It’s been said that this is Australia’s answer to the ouillé (pronounced “oo-yay”) style from Jura, which is a result of the oxidative fashion in which this wine is made, i.e. Glenn foot-stomps the fruit and leaves the juice for 24 hours on its skins, but when it’s pressed to barrel the fermentation and elevage are all done with full lees and the barrel is ‘topped up’ in the conventional method dare we say. To give context if he didn’t top up, a flor would develop, and we would see the more traditional style from Jura where the wine is allowed to oxidize.
What does this all mean? This wine has a lovely nuttiness and texture but retains a wonderful freshness due to the fact that this wine does not go through malolactic fermentation. It is then bottled with no fining or filtration.” – Distributor’s note


Gary Walsh

“Always a wine of intrigue and distinct personality. Off kilter, you might say.

Very nutty, saline style, a bit of ginger, butter menthol, grapefruit and lemon rind. It’s bright and tangy, intense acid cut, yet soft and nutty, like sake in a way, with toffee, citrus and biscuits, and a lively finish offering preserved lemon and citrus. Different, but good different.” – Gary Walsh, The Wine Front