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About Us

Expertise. Brilliantly unique. Your local fine wine destination.

Le Pont Wine Store is about the wines we like to drink, not simply those that are in fashion or receive high ratings.

We opened in August 2016, with a desire to create a fine wine destination on the North Shore of Sydney, a place where we could share our knowledge and passion with our customers. Whether it be through our popular Saturday tastings or regular in-store masterclasses, we welcome every opportunity to engage with our customers and share our latest discoveries.

Our range is broad and eclectic – but not for the sake of being so. It nod’s to the great regions of France, however you’ll find Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Spain are all well represented. Above all, our wines leave you wanting another glass, they’re interesting to drink and represent great value. On top of this we have a great range of artisanal spirits, aperitif’s/digestifs, Eue de Vie’s and craft beers.

We invite you to stop by, meet the team and share our journey.

Bon Vin!

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