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The Land of Pinot-pportunity Masterclass

Known across the world for its fickle nature, Pinot Noir is considered one of the most difficult grape varieties to grow due to its thin skin, and habit of early-budding and early-ripening, all of which makes it susceptible to just about every weather hazard and disease pressure known to vine-kind.

Most countries have just one or two regions with the perfect alignment of soil, climate, aspect, latitude and altitude suited to crafting the most precocious of grape varieties. France has Burgundy, the USA has Sonoma and Oregon, Argentina has Patagonia, and Germany has the Ahr. But Australia? You’ll need at least two hands to count the number of regions across our great southern land that can successfully cultivate Pinot Noir!

So, join us on Wednesday 13 March as we taste a suite of Pinot Noir from eight of these regions including Tasmania, Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills and Orange where we’ll discover what factors contribute to these regions’ affinity with the variety while showcasing the idiosyncrasies of each side-by-side.


Nashdale Lane Pinot Noir 2021
Barratt Uley Vineyard Pinot Noir 2021
Lark Hill Pinot Noir 2021
Fetherston Estate Pinot Noir 2021
Shiny Pinot Noir 2020
Ten Minutes by Tractor Up the Hill Pinot Noir 2022
Shadowfax Pinot Noir 2022
Lightfoot Wines Pinot Noir 2022


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  • WHEN: Wednesday 13 March, 7:00pm
  • WHERE: Le Pont Terrigal, 4b Campbell Crescent, Terrigal 2260
  • HOSTS: Shaun & Stefano
  • PRICE: $65pp - taste 8 wines + matching bites