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Le Battistelle ‘Battistelle’ Soave Classico 2022

From their revered single vineyard site called ‘Le Batistelle’ situated in the Brognoligo Cru. When tasting this wine it’s very much the ‘Chablis’ of the three wines, arguably not a ’Soave for everyone’ due to it’s minerality however we love this bottling. This comes from it’s very specific terrior. The vineyard is full of Basalt, a heavy volcanic rock which is the predominant soil in this spot, difficult to grow in.

Steeped, terraced vineyard, a labour of love for sure. Some of the vines on this special site are up to 100 years old. The vines are grown to the traditional Veronese pergola method, on dry-stone wall terraces as depicted on the label of this wine.

Hand-harvested then fermentation takes place in tank for about 20 days. The wine is left to develop on the fine lees with frequent batonnage for between 6-8 months in stainless steel tanks. No Malolactic.

Designated as Heroic viticulture due to the huge work required to build and maintain the stone terraces on these steep slopes.



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