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Michel Couvreur Whisky Masterclass

For whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts, the name Michel Couvreur can excite and warm the cockles almost as much as the fine amber nectar of this boutique distillery. Michel Couvreur settled in Burgundy, France in 1978 and set about redefining the vernacular around what could be achieved in distilling and ageing whiskies. He is a staunch believer that the quality of fine whiskey is derived and enhanced by the ageing process, espcially the barrel or vessel it is aged in as well as the conditions in the cellar. He seeks out great whiskies from a wide variety of Scotch distilleries and transports them to Burgundy where a unique trasfomation occurs, nuanced by the origin and age of the barrels he meticulously sources.

We are thrilled to host Michel Couvreur cellarmaster Jean-Arnaud Frantzen, who will take us through a selection of their superb artsian whiskies and learn what makes this distillery so unique, how the whiskies are distilled and the unique aging process.

This is a rare, one-night-only event so be quick to secure your ticket!


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  • When: Friday 31st May at 6:30pm
  • Where: The Tasting Room - Le Pont Wine Store Milsons Point in Sydney
  • Why: This is a unique opportunity to taste and learn about one of the worlds artisan, avant-garde whiskey distilleries